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September Writing Challenge! 2017

In September, I challenged my fellow writers to challenge each other!

The goal was to get people writing. Anything. Everything. Challenges were to be specific and include a word-count or a time-limit, genre, and premise. It was a bit of an experiment to see what we could come up with in just 30 short days.

Check out the winners of this years challenge below, and be sure to join in the fun next year, when we do it again!

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The Oxford Comma; Pet Peeve or Industry Controversy?

Look, we’ve all read articles and seen videos ranting about the Oxford Comma. That silly little extra punctuation mark that differentiates between a list or an inclusive grouping in relational clauses. It’s a simple argument pertaining to the simplification of grammatical structures in the modern English language. And right now you’re thinking, who even cares about this stuff? Apparently, a lot of people, and in truth, I’m not sure why either.

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The Anxious Author: 3 tips to Overcome Anxiety In Writing

Writers are known for 3 things: perfectionism, boundless creativity, and anxiety. Anxiety is no joke. It can be completely debilitating. At best, causing you to lose focus and productivity, and at worst, causing you to give up on a project completely. The good news is, anxiety can be worked around. There are steps that can help get you past the doubt that anxiety has left in you.

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If: The Curse That Keeps On Giving

You’re a writer. You love to write. Stories, articles, social media posts, haiku, the format doesn’t matter to you. You love it all! You know that writing is your calling. If you could just find the time, you know you could churn out best-sellers so fast it would make James Patterson’s head spin!


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