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Happy Anniversary!

And just like that, I've been writing this blog for one year.

I'm sorry I didn't post on the 21st as planned, but life, well... happened. As life does. A bunch of unexpected things have been happening, both at work and in my personal life- which affects work. Most of it is good, some of it is not; I will spare you the details of the not, and focus on the rest.


  1. New Programs!
    Writing coaching has always been my passion - helping authors tell the best stories they can. To that end I have been working on a few new coaching programs that I hope to release in the next year that are designed to help independent writers to break through the struggle and reach their goal of publication. I'm so excited for this! I suspect that when I have more information for you, you will be too.
  2. New Payment Plans!
    In the coming months Firesong Arts will be changing our pay structure. I've been working to simplify things so that it's easier for you to contact and sign up with an editor, and because of that I'm also simplifying the payment plans. I don't have any details to release just yet, but there will be a real announcement when it happens. Rest assured, existing clients will get the best rates available, and it shouldn't affect our work at all. This will be best for everyone- trust me.
  3. New Books!
    We currently have three manuscripts in the publishing pipeline and four more in development. This is a big year for us. The successful launch of Philip M Jones' first novel, Cursed Legacy really launched us into a new level of productivity.  Look for new books, debut authors, and a few sequels coming up from the Firesong Arts imprint. Also, keep a look out for announcements about our self-published authors who doing big things too!
  4.  New Support Staff!
    As some of you know, we have been growing. Within the last year, we added two new members to the Firesong Arts team. With the help of an additional editor and a (real) proof reader we have been able to help more people reach their goals! It's been an exciting journey. With their help, I know that this year will be just as great as the last!

This really isn't the blog post I planned, but so much has been happening that I just needed to share it with you all. At the end of the month I'll be taking a short vacation to work on my own writing, and maybe get ahead on a few articles for this blog.

Thank you all so much for the support you've given us over the last year. I look forward to many more years of telling stories with you!

~Lady Firesong