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Happy New Year! January Announcements

A discerning eye might notice that this is not an original article on publishing, the craft or business of writing, or even on any general or random topic related to language, grammar, or reading. In fact, it' isn’t an article at all, it’s just me, your friendly neighborhood editor rambling off to you via your computer or other internet device. A discerning eye might also notice that I still haven’t gotten to the point. Are you still with me? Oh, good. Here’s a bit of news.


We’re Growing! (Again)

Starting this spring, Firesong Arts is working with more contractors to bring you better, more well-rounded service. I, as one person, can only do so much, but with the right help I will be able to meet the needs of more writers, and better manage my time. Better time managements means more books for you lovely readers out there!

Price Change

Because we are growing again, we are making some small changes to the pricing levels for Full Service Editing. Starting March 1st, we will be rolling out department-based packages in addition to the Full-Service “everything” package. Look for more on that this spring!

More Books!

I am SO excited to announce the launch of at least two new books this year. Our freshman author from last year, Philip M Jones has blessed us with a thrilling follow-up to his debut novel, “Cursed Legacy”. The second book in the House of Kane series is already among my favorite books, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Coming late this summer, we will be adding a new title from debut author James Doyle. “Iron” blends military science fiction with political intrigue when a technologically advanced society meets religious fanaticism. Keep an eye out for more on the new Honor and Alchemy series.

There may be more things in the work as well, but it is far too early to do more than speculate. If you would like to be a part of helping us launch these exciting new books, please contact to learn how you can join the launch team.

This Blog

Along with the growing comes a few growing pains. In this case, I have been so busy working on new and wonderful books that I don’t have the time to commit to this blog like I used to. To that end I will no longer be updating every month anymore. I will still try, mind you, but I will no longer be as diligent about it as I have been for the last two years. DON’T WORRY! I still have a lot to say, and this blog isn’t going anywhere, it’s just that for the time being I can make no promises about regular frequency of posting.

As always, I welcome feedback, do If you feel that it’s been too long since you’ve heard from me, add a comment or email to poke me, and I’ll get about writing something new for you.

Thank you. Always and forever, thank you to my readers. You continue to make this all worth it.

Happy New Year, Everyone!
~Lady Firesong