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More Than A Narrator – The Three Parts of Story Perspective

There are three parts to perspective in a story; the narrator, the point of view, and the focus character. As a writer, you should know these things cold. Because even if your average fan doesn’t know to look for them, you can sure bet they will be noticed if they’re not there.

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Depression Blocks

Depression is something many writer’s suffer with each day. It can lead to an upset in our routine and productivity, and eventually to writer’s block. Together they can turn into a self-sustaining cyclone of inactivity and disillusionment. I don’t have any answers on how to fix it, but here’s how I overcame it this time.

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The Oxford Comma; Pet Peeve or Industry Controversy?

Look, we’ve all read articles and seen videos ranting about the Oxford Comma. That silly little extra punctuation mark that differentiates between a list or an inclusive grouping in relational clauses. It’s a simple argument pertaining to the simplification of grammatical structures in the modern English language. And right now you’re thinking, who even cares about this stuff? Apparently, a lot of people, and in truth, I’m not sure why either.

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