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Her life shattered by dark magic...

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Book One of a thrilling new supernatural mystery series by Philip M Jones!

Hiding from supernatural killers isn't easy, especially for 17-year old Abigail Kane, a young witch with no training. After a rival coven of witches murders her parents, Abby is sent into hiding at a boarding school in England, but is she really safe while her family is hunting down her parent's murderers?

When a new mystery unfolds on campus, it seems Abby isn't as removed from danger as she, or her grandmother would want. Suddenly thrust into a world of horrible visions, missing students, and powerful curses, does she have what it takes to survive? Abby must become a modern witch in a world of ancient secrets, before it becomes the end of the Kane legacy.


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Philip was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, growing up in the shadow of Mt. St.Helens. He currently lives in Seattle, where he is a proud member of the LGBTQ community. In his free time he writes and sips tea and coffee while reading more than is typical of a ‘normal’ human being.