Firesong Arts

Developing ideas. Polishing styles. Telling stories.

Need to brush up your writing skills? Looking to craft a great story, but don't know where to start? Want advice on where and how to publish your novel? Mired in the business of writing? Firesong Arts offers coaching, editing, publishing guidance, and all the support you'll need to become the author you always wanted to be!


Because we are a custom tailored service, prices and rates may vary depending on the level of service, time, and attention that each of our clients decides is right for them. Our Full-Service packages are designed to be affordable and flexible. Just have a short project or don't want coaching? Contact us for hourly rates!

Full-Service Editing

When you sign on with Firesong Arts you get access to everything we have to offer. Whatever your needs we can set a price to suit you. Being writers ourselves, we understand that some authors have lots of time to devote to their writing and others do not. With Firesong Arts we will work within your budget and your schedule to help you come up with a solution that works for you.

Our Full Service Editing package includes a 2-year, no obligation contract for services. We’ll work with you for as long as you need in that time, just pay a monthly fee that fits within your budget. Need more time? No worries, we are happy to renegotiate after the two year period is over. Finished early? Great! We’re happy to help you meet your publishing goals early, and since it’s a no obligation contract, you will owe us nothing once you’re ready for publication.

Monthly fees start at $200 per month, depending on how much time and attention you think you’ll need. Have pricing concerns? No problem, just contact us and we will work something out. We are always happy to work with our authors to find solutions that benefit everyone!

Hourly Editing Services

Don’t need coaching? Just want editing or proof-reading service? Do you have a completed manuscript and just want help finding publishing solutions? That’s not a problem, Firesong Arts also offers many basic editing, coaching, and writing services for an hourly rate.
Whatever the problem, we will work with your needs to get your story told!

Pricing on hourly services may vary. Contact us for pricing on individual services.