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Need to brush up your writing skills? Looking to craft a great story, but don't know where to start? Want advice on where and how to publish your novel? Mired in the business of writing? Firesong Arts offers coaching, editing, publishing guidance, and all the support you'll need to become the author you always wanted to be!

Privacy Policy

Firesong Arts, LLC is a small private business, created to serve writers in reaching their publishing goals. There is no reason to sell your personal information. Ever. To Anyone. For any reason. Your privacy is always protected.

This privacy policy is designed to inform you about how we collect, use, disclose, and otherwise process the data and personal information that is collected in connection with this web site, and in connection with the services offered by Firesong Arts, LLC.

1. Personal Information:

Personal information is only given voluntarily, and is never solicited unless first requested through inquiry, or interest in Firesong Arts, LLC services. We will never collect your information without your knowledge or consent. If you choose not to give consent, or provide the requested information, we reserve the right not to do business with you.

During the course of normal business, you may be asked to provide: your full name, email address, and certain billing information, such as a billing address, PayPal account number, or street address.

Any personal information collected will be kept private, and will not be sold, traded, rented, loaned, or otherwise shared without your express permission.

2. Intellectual Property

You retain all rights to your work. All copies of your intellectual property shared with us will be kept private, and will not be shared with anyone not affiliated with Firesong Arts, LLC, unless expressly permitted by you. This includes: electronic or hard copies of work submitted for editing, any subsequent documents produced during the editing process, and any finished product. You also have the right to copies of all correspondence in reference to your intellectual property.

On occasion, you may be asked to provide testimonials and samples of your edited work for use on the website, and in the personal portfolio of the Editor(s). These will never be sold, and will only be used as examples of the work provided by Firesong Arts, LLC. We will never reproduce or share any portion of any work created by our clients without express, written consent.

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3. Plagiarism

Firesong Arts, LLC assumes no liability for the infringement of a third party copyright in the content of our client’s documents. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, clients accept sole responsibility for complete and accurate documentation, references, and citations in their final documents.

4. Non-Compete

All ideas, documents, and projects produced by the client and the editor respectively are the sole ownership of the producer, and both parties agree to take steps to ensure that these properties shall be safe from theft, plagiarism, unauthorized replication or reproduction, and unlawful distribution. Furthermore, both parties agree to make no claims of ownership upon the others property.

The foregoing notwithstanding, if Firesong Arts, LLC receives requests for information mandated by law and provided for through due process, Firesong Arts, LLC and its CEO may disclose information provided to us by clients.